Private Health is the definitive source for priority access to the very best physicians and surgeons in the world. Our clinician-led Personal Care Teams, in concert with our expert advisory board of world-class specialists, develop state-of-the-art treatment plans for our clients and coordinate all medical and logistical aspects of their care. Our Care Teams are available to our clients 24/7 without limitation.

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Priority access to 'best of the best' specialists

Each year, hundreds of specialist and sub-specialist physicians are lauded in national and local surveys for their expertise, knowledge, and skill. And while these “best of” lists often include many fine physicians, the criteria for inclusion is frequently just anecdotal.

The selection process for inclusion in our Network of Specialist Physicians is far more exacting. We conduct extensive research, evaluating each physician’s contributions to the medical literature, approach to patient care, and the level of respect they engender among their peers.

Our network is composed of more than 6,000 American and European physicians and surgeons who represent more than 300 medical specialties and sub-specialties, each of whom has attained incomparable prominence in their respective field. Our close working relationships with these physicians ensure timely entrée and personalized attention for our patients. We are independent of any health plan, hospital, or medical group, so we can serve our patients’ interests objectively, without regard to institutional loyalties or even geography.

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Coordinated care: the key to excellence in health care

Many complex conditions, such as cancer or cardiovascular disease, not only necessitate the involvement of the best physicians, but also require coordination across many different specialists. Private Health is unique in that our Personal Care Teams work in concert with all treating and consulting specialists to ensure fully coordinated care and service.

A serious illness inevitably places great stress not just on our patients, but on their loved ones as well. For that reason, our staff coordinates all logistics, such as scheduling appointments, booking flights and hotels, arranging for in-home nursing care … virtually anything necessary to ease the burden on our patients and their families when they need it most.

No other health care organization in the world provides this level of individualized attention to its patients and their families.

Clinician-led personal care teams

Ask any primary care physician to identify his or her biggest challenge and it’s likely that the answer will involve the word “time.” Today’s case loads – anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 patients – makes it nearly impossible for even the most dedicated physician to devote the time necessary to stay abreast of the science, identify the true leaders in each of the ever more narrow sub-specialties, or effectively coordinate each patient’s care when multiple specialists are involved.

Private Health’s solution to this problem is to provide each client with a significant medical issue a clinician-led Personal Care Team, responsible for coordinating all aspects of his or her health care needs. The team includes a lead clinician, doctors who research the medical literature, patient educators, care coordinators, and other experts. Each care team manages only a few dozen clients, enabling them to respond instantly to every client need and to stay current on emerging treatment regimens, surgical methodologies, and other biomedical breakthroughs.

Clients are provided with the personal mobile telephone number of their care team’s lead clinician; care is never more than a phone call away, 24/7, 365 days a year.

There is absolutely no precedent for this level of excellence in individual patient care in today’s health care universe. Private Health is care without compromise.

Comprehensive health assessment

Private Health’s relationship with each new patient begins with a comprehensive assessment of his or her physical and mental health and physical fitness.

The patient’s medical records, personal and family history, and lifestyle are analyzed to fully understand his or her unique health needs and risks. Based on this information, the patient’s Personal Care Team develops a customized physical examination and screening plan that incorporates the most advanced imaging and laboratory testing.

For example, a patient with an elevated risk of lung cancer might be scheduled for a spiral CT scan to detect lung disease at the earliest stage. Examinations of patients with a history of heart disease would include consultations with world-class cardiologists who specialize in cardiac disease risk reduction.

Personalized clinical management plan

Private Health develops a personalized, written Clinical Management Plan for each patient, which serves as a “roadmap” for their care and treatment. The plan is based on information gleaned from the patient’s medical records, their physical examination, diagnostic tests, and imaging studies and incorporates insights derived from our research into the medical literature as well as from one-on-one consultations with members of our Expert Advisory Board and Network of Specialist Physicians.

Every aspect of the plan is personally explained to the patient by the lead clinician of his or her Personal Care Team.

Many of our patients have commented favorably on the value of having a written plan that they can easily refer to or discuss with family members or close friends. In addition, patients also receive complete written explanations and instructions for each medication prescribed, biographies for each specialist physician involved in their care, and tailored health care advice and counsel for foreign trips.

Nothing is left to chance

Secure, electronic medical record-keeping

We collect and maintain key historic and current medical information for each patient in a private, encrypted electronic database. This ensures immediate informational access for all members of a patient’s care team whenever and wherever needed. By enabling all treating physicians to rapidly understand the patient’s entire medical situation, diagnostic and treatment plans are expedited and the odds of errors are greatly diminished.

Global reach

Private Health operates globally, providing excellence in comprehensive care to patients in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We provide our full program of comprehensive and immediate care to patients outside the United States through our international Network of Specialist Physicians.

We are also fully equipped to provide Emergency Services to our clients in more than 180 countries across the globe.

Emergency Services

Many Private Health clients travel frequently for both business and pleasure. Accordingly, we have developed the necessary resources to provide the best care available in emergency situations in 180 countries throughout the world. With just one phone call, we can activate worldwide emergency services provided by 5,200 carefully selected, Western-trained physicians at more than 1,000 local hospitals.

When necessary, we can instantaneously mobilize medical evacuation services that include strategically positioned airplanes and helicopters equipped as mobile intensive care units to transport our patients safely and rapidly to a major medical center.